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Rammstein Stadium Tour 2022

German heavy metal act Rammstein are returning to Europe for a thrilling series of concerts in the late spring and summer of 2021. The dates will form the latest leg of the epic Rammstein Stadium Tour which has already been witnessed by more than a million fans to date and has grossed close to 100 million dollars in revenue. The band will be playing a number of prominent dates in Scandinavia as well as returning to their musical heartlands of central and eastern Europe.

The group was formed in Berlin in 1994 and more than 25 years later their lineup remains unchanged from the original sextet who put the band together. Vocalist and front man Till Lindemann is responsible for much of the lyrical output, with the remaining five members sharing songwriting credits for their input into the backing tracks and musical composition.

Once the group had acquired their first contract, debut album "Herzeleid" followed in 1995, already showing the signs of gothic and metal influences that remain a key part of their style to this day. The band has punk music among its root, and that influence is still prevalent with some of the anarchic lyrics and composition the band is famed for.

Live performances fuel growth

Despite poor initial sales of their debut album it was the band's stage shows that drove them to more popular appeal; two years after their initial release, second album "Sehnsucht" debuted in the German number 1 slot, and featured worldwide smash single "Du Hast". On the back of this recording the band embarked on a mammoth world tour which lasted close to four years and also produced a highly acclaimed and successful live album, recorded in Berlin.

Rammstein tickets were already becoming much sought after among metal lovers. This new degree of success prompted Universal to sign Rammstein to a massive deal; almost immediately their next album "Mutter" hit the airwaves and spawned no fewer than six hit singles, many reaching the upper levels of the charts in their key markets across Europe. A number 1 single eluded the band until 2004, when "Mein Teil" finally reached the top of the charts in Spain.

Controversy and chaos

In 2009 the German outfit released their most controversial single yet. "Pussy" gave the group its first number 1 single on home soil though the video was banned or censored in many regions for its sexually explicit content. This was little surprise to a music public that had become accustomed to Rammstein producing songs covering many controversial or distasteful subjects, yet this has done little other than elevate the group's status among their core demographic.

The group took a break of close to ten years before their triumphant return in 2019. Single "Deutschland" went straight to number 1 in Germany, but again the band was mired in controversy due to imagery of concentration camps and Nazism. The accompanying untitled album has given the group its most commercial success to date, reaching number 1 in 14 countries to date.

The world's a stage

Despite the controversies around their music and output, Rammstein are one of the most exciting and sought-after live performers in rock and metal. Their live stage shows are works of art and feature numerous over the top stunts as well as the band's signature pyrotechnic displays; industrial music grinding, elaborate costumes and flame-throwing guitars are commonplace on Rammstein shows, and tickets to Rammstein concerts sell out quickly.

Such is the band's extensive use of flames and pyrotechnic effects that many of the group have been burned during performances, though this doesn't lessen their desire to put on an incredible show every time they take to the stage.

Tickets to Rammstein in Gothenburg, Aarhus and Oslo

As part of their European tour, the group will be heading to Northern Europe and Scandinavia. For the Danish section of the tour, Rammstein's Aarhus concert takes place at Ceres Park & Arena on June 22nd. On July 24th the band travel to Norway, where Rammstein's Oslo show will take place at the Bjerke Travbane track (moved from Granasen Stadium).

Swedish fans can enjoy Rammstein's Gothenburg concerts, set to take place on July 29th and 30th in the colossal Ullevi Stadium. Constructed for the 1958 football World Cup, Rammstein's Ullevi Stadium dates could attract close to 75,000 fans on each night. Tickets are sure to move quickly, so don't miss your chance to see one of the world's most exciting live acts at their peak.