About the Secondhand Market

The secondary market for tickets has existed for as long as there have been events. The internet has made the market more accessible to consumers and Biljett24 is helping to make it safer than ever before to both buy and sell tickets. 

The free market creates several advantages for you as a consumer and also for artists, organisers and venues. Because the secondary market makes it easier for ticket holders to resell unused tickets, more people dare to buy tickets in the first place - ultimately this means fewer empty seats at major events.

So how does a functioning secondary market benefit you?

  • Ticket Holders & Buyers (Consumers)
    Many of us have bought tickets to an event six months in advance only to be prevented from attending the event. What would we do if we were unable to sell the ticket safely? Although most people who buy a ticket will also go to the event, the ability to resell your ticket gives you as a consumer greater security.

    For ticket buyers, this opens up a whole new set of opportunities. Today, you don't have to spend hours queuing to be sure of getting a ticket, nor do you have to decide months in advance - often you can actually buy your ticket on the day of the event, even though tickets are sold out at official retailers. Biljett24 is able to offer this service because we work with dynamic pricing that is driven by supply and demand. The price can therefore change over time.
  • Artists, Promoters & Arenas
    The secondary market helps to attract more visitors to the event, which means increased peripheral sales such as souvenirs, food & drinks. The market also helps to encourage more people to buy tickets, which ultimately means increased ticket sales. In addition, research shows that local transport, hotels, restaurants and shops in the vicinity of the stadium also benefit from the secondary market, which is important to highlight as this positive effect on the national economy is often taken into account when new stadiums are built.

We safeguard a free and secure market
As a leading player, Biljett24 works to protect the rights of secondary operators as well as consumers against the large dominant players in the ticket market.