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About the secondary ticket market

The secondary ticket market has been around for as long as there have been events. The Internet has made the market more accessible for consumers and Biljett24 plays its part to make it safer to buy and sell tickets than ever before.

The secondary ticket market offers several advantages not only to you as consumer but even to artists, promoters and venues. As the secondary ticket market makes it easier for ticket holders to re-sell unused tickets, there are more people who take a chance and buy tickets in advance. The end result is that there are fewer empty places at major events.

So how does an active secondary ticket market help you?

  • Ticket holder and Buyer (Consumer)
    There are many of us who have bought tickets for an event several months in advance only to later came across an obstacle to us going. What would we then do if we couldn't sell the tickets one way or another? Although most people who buy a ticket actually go to the event, the option to re-sell the ticket if something unexpected happens offers increased peace of mind for you as consumer.

    This offers a whole range of opportunities for ticket buyers. Nowadays, you don't need to waste hours standing in a queue to be sure to get a ticket, you don't need to decide months in advance either - as you can now normally buy your ticket on the very same day as the event, even if the tickets are officially sold out. Biljett24 can offer this service as we work with dynamic pricing that is guided by supply and demand. The price can thus change over time.

  • Artists, Promoters & Venues
    The secondary ticket market ensures that more spectators go to events, which means more spin-off sales such as souvenirs and food 'n drink. The market also encourages more people to buy tickets, which means higher ticket sales at the end of the day. Research also shows that even public transport, hotels, restaurants and shops in the venue's vicinity benefit from the secondary ticket market, which is important to highlight as this positive effect on the local economy is often taken into account in the construction of new venues.

We support a free and safe market
As a leading actor, Biljett24 works to protect secondary ticket market companies, as well as consumer rights against the dominant giants in the ticket industry.


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