B2B Conditions

1 Terms and Conditions of Sales to groups, companies or organizations.

B24 Sweden AB (name change from Biljett24 AB, hereinafter referred as “Biljett24”) sell second hand tickets under these Terms and Conditions to private groups larger than 12 people, companies or organizations (hereinafter referred “the client”).

Contractors are B24 Sweden AB and the client.

Full company name and address details of Biljett24:

B24 Sweden AB (Swedish organisation No. 556750-4500)
Box 3148
SE-443 03 Lerum

Purchase Terms
The following Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases made by groups larger than 12 people, companies or organisations where Biljett24 is the seller. At the payment or confirmation of a purchase, you enter into a client agreement with Biljett24 where you acknowledge acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Biljett24 reserves the right to seek all remedies available by law and in equity for any violation of these Terms and Conditions. Swedish law shall be applied to these Terms and Conditions. Disputes arising out of these Terms and Conditions shall be settled in accordance with the Swedish Arbitration Act (1999:116). Any dispute that can not be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act shall be settled by the court of Gothenburg, Sweden.

1.2    Technical Disclaimer
Biljett24 is not responsible for and does not cover any losses caused by disruptions, delays, interruptions or other technical circumstances that prevents or complicate the client’s use of the service.

1.3    Pricing
Biljett24 is an independent ticket broker and shall not be associated with any other ticket venue, box office, first hand ticket seller or organizer (“primary reseller(s)”). Biljett24 operates on the secondary ticket market and the price we offer on an event often reflects the current market price. This price may be higher or lower than the price printed on the ticket (face value). Our prices are largely composed of the costs for obtaining those ”hard to get” tickets to your group or company.

1.4    Name on tickets
Biljett24 normally deliver tickets that has already been sold once by the primary seller, where the name of the first hand purchasers has already been printed on each ticket. It is therefore likely that the name printed on tickets sold by Biljett24 will not be the same as the name of the final physical ticket holder.

1.5    Binding purchase
All sales are final. There are no cancellations, refunds or exchanges. For non-payments Biljett24 owns the right to charge client in full for ordered tickets.

2        Eventinformation

2.1    Content of the event
Biljett24 acts as an intermediary and is not responsible for the quality, design or content of the event.

2.2    Changed time, date or venue
If there is a change of date or venue of an event there will be no refund, but the original ticket can be used as entry for the new date or venue. The client is responsible for checking the time and date of the event.

2.3    Cancelled event
In the case an event is cancelled by any reason, the ticket’s face value will normally be refunded by the primary seller. In case the primary seller does not refund the face value, Biljett24 will refund the face value to the client. Biljett24 take no further responsibility for the cancellation of an event. 

2.4  Disclaimer of liability for personalized tickets and breach of the primary sellers Conditions
When a ticket is personalized the primary seller often claim the right to reject or deny entry for any physical ticket holder other than the first hand applicant or purchaser. As such Conditions rarely is applied in reality Biljett24 still offer and sell tickets to such events where tickets may be personalized in the primary seller’s Terms and Conditions. The client is responsible to keep up to date with which Terms and Conditions that may apply other than Biljett24’s Terms and Conditions for any ticket purchased through Biljett24. Biljett24 takes no responsibility for denied entry due to circumstances beyond our control, this includes, but is not limited to, any of the following incidents; 

  • The physical ticket holder is rejected from the event or is denied entry to the event due to the fact that the ticket has been resold on the secondary ticket market or due to the fact that the name printed on the ticket is different from the physical ticket holder’s name as mentioned under section 1.5 in these Terms andConditions.
  • The visitor is denied entry or rejected due to any personal ban prohibiting the visitor to attend the event
  • Any other breach to the primary seller’s Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct

3      Terms of payment

3.1  CardPayment
Biljett24 accepts payments via VISA, Mastercard, Eurocard and American Express. Biljett24 does not take part of your card details. In order to ensure your safety in using your card for online payments, Samport Payment Services is used as a provider of secure card payments. All card details are taken care of by Samport Payment Services and the acquiring bank. All transfers are encrypted by SSL encryption to meet banks requirements on online payment safety.

3.2  Bank Transfer
To some events, and if sufficiently many days are left until the event is taking place, Biljett24 accepts payment trough bank transfer. The client must enter the specific order number on the payment to the bank account of Biljett24. Delivery will be made after the payment is received, which normally takes 2-3 banking days for international payments. Any order made from Biljett24 is legally binding.

4      Delivery

4.1  Swedish Postal Service
Biljett24 sends tickets with insured traceable mail. The tickets are always sent well in time for the event. Normally, the tickets will arrive within 1-2 weeks after the purchase date, but certainly no later than 48 hours before the event takes place. Our price for this service is 89 SEK.

4.2  FedEx / EMS
For purchases made less than three working days before the event takes place, Biljett24 can offer the possibility to send tickets with Fedex. The client is guaranteed to receive the tickets at least six hours before the event takes place. Price for this service is 389 SEK. 

4.3  Hotel Delivery
For our international clients, staying at a local hotel (according to the venue) we are able to send tickets directly to the hotel. Tickets will be able for pickup at the hotel reception or concierge. This service is dependent on your hotel’s service level. 

4.4  Delivery after special agreement
When specially agreed between Biljett24 and the client other types of deliveries may be applied.