Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

B24 Sweden AB (hereinafter referred “Biljett24” or “the company”) sell second hand tickets, hotel accommodation and other related services under these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply for all purchases on http://biljett24.se made by private individuals as well as for all purchases made by companies or corporations that do not resell tickets to third parties. For companies or corporations that resells tickets to third parties, Biljett24's conditions for "business to business" (http://biljett24.se/info/b2bconditions) will apply.

B24 Sweden AB (Swedish corporate identity number: 556750-4500)
Registered Office: Gothenburg, Sweden

Business Address:
Lekstorps Industriv. 13A
443 41 Gråbo

Postal Address:
B24 Sweden AB
Box 3148
443 03 Lerum

2. Contract

2.1 Customer Agreement
In order to contract with Biljett24 you must be at least 18 years old or have parental consent. Upon payment or confirmation of a purchase from Biljett24 you enter a customer agreement with Biljett24 in which you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Contract parties are Biljett24 and the Customer. Swedish law apply on all purchases made on http://biljett24.se.

2.2 Technical disclaimer
Biljett24 is not responsible for and will not compensate any damage caused by malfunction, delay, interruption or other technical circumstance that makes it impossible or difficult for the customer to use the service. 

2.3 Complete data
Biljett24 has the right to, without any further notice, cancel any orders made by customers who did not provide their complete and accurate personal details.

2.4 Pricing
Biljett24 is an independent ticket broker and shall not be associated with any other ticket venue, box office, first hand ticket seller or organizer (“primary reseller(s)”). Biljett24 operates on the secondary ticket market and the price we offer on an event often reflects the current market price. This price may be higher or lower than the price printed on the ticket (“face value”). Our prices are largely composed of the costs for obtaining those "hard to get" tickets to the customer.

2.5 Binding Purchase
As a customer, you agree to complete purchases on biljett24.se. All bookings are binding whether or not payment has been made. Purchased tickets are non-refundable. When purchasing event tickets, the rules of the Distance Contracts Act regarding the right of withdrawal do not apply. Biljett24 is entitled to charge the customer in full for tickets ordered regardless of whether the customer uses the tickets or not. In case of uncollected shipment, Biljett24 is thus entitled to charge the full purchase price.

2.7 The market's most generous warranty
Since 2006, Biljett24 has delivered over 100,000 tickets to various events and without exception carries out strict checks on all tickets it provides to ensure the authenticity of the tickets. Not a single fake ticket has ever passed our rigorous controls. 

We are so confident that we will deliver genuine tickets that we will offer 200% refund back if the customer against all odds do not get access at an event due to fake tickets. This guarantee applies provided the customer on the spot, contact Biljett24's customer service by phone 0770-772424 if problems arise. The customer must contact Biljett24 at latest the stated start time on the ticket, the customer is responsible to appear att the arena well in time before the show start. Biljett24 have staff on site and the company's customer service is always open around the clock.

2.7 Admission guarantee for personal tickets
Biljett24 guarantees that tickets purchased through biljett24.se will generate admission to the event purchased. For some events, the organiser advertises that the tickets are personal. In a statement, the Swedish Consumer Agency says that such terms of purchase are unfair under Swedish law. Biljett24 continues to offer consumers the opportunity to sell unused tickets or buy sought-after tickets to these events. In case of denied entry due to the organiser's conditions, the full price of the ticket will be refunded to the customer, regardless of whether the organiser's action would be deemed illegal by any court. These conditions are applied by Biljett24 in order to avoid our customers being put at a disadvantage due to a possible competition law dispute. 

2.8 Presales
For several events, Biljett24 offers so-called advance purchase. Pre-purchases are often offered before the organiser's official ticket release and are aimed at consumers who do not have the time or want to take chances at the organiser's ticket release. When the customer uses the advance purchase service, this means that Biljett24 is responsible for delivering tickets to the customer after the official ticket release has taken place. Biljett24 offers the advance purchase service to a limited number of customers and may discontinue offering the service at any time. Biljett24 reserves the right to offer the customer tickets in another category in accordance with the conditions in section 3.2. Guarantee: if Biljett24 is unable to deliver tickets in accordance with the advance purchase conditions, the customer is guaranteed to receive back the amount paid plus an additional 10 percent of the purchase price per ticket as compensation. The guarantee does not apply in the event of cancellation or postponement of events, nor if the organiser is forced to reduce the number of participants due to participation restrictions as a result of a pandemic.

3. Events

3.1 Content of the event
As stated in paragraph (2.4) above, Biljett24 is an independent ticket agency and should not be confused with organisers or other ticket sellers. Biljett24 is therefore in no way responsible for the quality, content or execution of the event. All questions or claims regarding the events and their enforcement should be directed to the relevant arena or organiser. 

3.2 Ticket category classification
Biljett24's ticket categories is based on many years of experience in various events and venues, the allocation is general to meet most of Biljett24's customers' expectations. As a customer, you have the opportunity to submit specific requests for allocation in conjunction with your order, these requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Biljett24 guarantees that the seats obtained by the customer are within the selected category. In rare cases, Biljett24 reserves the right to upgrade the customer to a higher category than the one ordered. In very rare cases, Biljett24 may be forced to offer the customer a lower ticket category than the one ordered, in which case the customer will be offered a refund of the difference and the possibility to cancel his purchase with a full refund. 

3.2.1 Arena Charts
For most events, Biljett24 publishes illustrations of the arena, which we call "Arena charts”. An Arena chart is a tool to get an idea of ​​where the tickets will be allocated at the arena within the choice of a specific category. Arena charts may not be drawn to scale and the final scene structure may be different from the Arena charts. 

3.2.2 Limited / restricted view
Limited view means that a certain part of the field of vision may be limited, such as a speaker, pole or other equipment in the viewer's field of view means that not the entire show can be seen from the audience area. Places with Restricted view often means that the object obscures a substantial part of the show or sporting event. None of those names should be confused with Listening seats that have greatly restricted view or is completely without sight. In cases where seats are sold with limited or restricted view information about this will be notified to the customer in connection with the purchase where the category description is marked with "Limited view" or "Restricted view". For example, "Seating Limited view".

3.2.3 Listening Seats
Listening seats means that the seat is positioned in such way that no view of the actual show can be guaranteed. In case a ticket is sold with the listening position only the customer will be notified in connection with the purchase where the category is marked with the description "Listening seat". For example, "Seating Listening only."

3.2.4 Side view
Side view means that the seats are placed near the scene so that you see the show more from the side than from the front. This should not be confused with Vimited view or Restricted view since visibility is not restricted on Side views seats. For certain events, tickets are sold with Side view long before the stage construction is finally planned, it means it is common with tickets marked with "side view", but after the stage planning (for example, when the stage is moved further back in the arena) is no longer considered to be Side view seats. Biljett24 therefor make an individual assessment for each event.

3.3 Change of time, date or place
In the event of a change in the time, date or location of the event, the ticket purchased will serve as admission to the rescheduled event. In exceptional cases, tickets need to be replaced with new tickets for the new date. The conditions for each event are published on https://biljett24.se/flyttade-evenemang.

Biljett24 always tries to notify the company's customers when changes are made, but it is always the customer's own responsibility to check that the time and date are correct, and to find out about any current changes from the venue or organiser. Biljett24 has no influence on the execution of the event and will not compensate any damage or financial loss as a result of a postponement or rescheduling of an event.

3.4 Cancelled event
In case of cancellation of an event, the Customer has the right to redeem tickets purchased from Biljett24 against receipt of a gift voucher corresponding to the full amount paid by the Customer to Biljett24 for each ticket. The gift card is valid for 18 months from the date of issue and can be used for the entire Biljett24 range but cannot be exchanged for cash. Delivery costs are not reimbursed. For the issue of a gift card, all tickets must be sent to Biljett24 by registered mail and must be received by Biljett24 within 14 days of the concert being announced as cancelled by the venue or organiser.

The customer is responsible for checking that the event is not cancelled. Biljett24 has no influence on the execution of the event and will not compensate any damage or financial loss as a result of the cancellation of an event.

3.5 Limitation in number of participants due to Pandemic
If the organiser subsequently decides to reduce the number of participants due to the current pandemic, tickets that were previously valid may be withdrawn by the organiser. Biljett24 has no influence on which tickets are withdrawn and therefore which customers are affected by such an event and cannot be held responsible for such an event. Any individual case where a customer suffers the withdrawal of one or more tickets will be dealt with as if the event had been cancelled in accordance with paragraph 3.4 of these Terms and Conditions of Purchase. The customer who has purchased a ticket which is subsequently withdrawn by the organiser is therefore entitled to redeem the ticket against receipt of a gift voucher equal to the full amount paid by the customer to Biljett24 for each ticket. The gift card is valid for 18 months from the date of issue and can be used for the entire Biljett24 range but cannot be exchanged for cash. Delivery costs are not reimbursed.For the issuance of gift vouchers, all tickets must be sent to Biljett24 by registered mail and must be received by Biljett24 within 14 days of the concert being announced as cancelled by the venue or the organiser.

Biljett24 has no influence on the implementation of the event and will not compensate for any damage or financial loss resulting from the cancellation of tickets by the organiser or its official partners due to a limitation in the number of participants.

4. Processing of personal data

4.1 Data Controller  
Biljett24 is a Data Controller and processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection act (EU) 2016/679 (”GDPR”). 

4.2 Consent to the processing of personal data
By accepting these terms and conditions of purchase, the Customer agrees that Biljett24 processes such personal data as is necessary to fulfil the agreement with the Customer, including; name, address, personal identity number, e-mail address, IP address, browser, device information, telephone number, information about the Customer's payments and transactions and card details. 

4.3 Purpose of processing personal data
Biljett24 only processes personal data for the purposes for which they have been collected and, where applicable, for other compatible purposes. Biljett24 processes personal data in order to be able to fulfil the agreements entered into with the Customer, for identification of the Customer, development of Biljett24's services, to safeguard the customer relationship and for internal statistics and for analysis purposes. Where necessary, for example to investigate fraud and misuse of Biljett24's services, Biljett24 may also use personal data internally for identification purposes. Biljett24 also processes personal data to comply with legal obligations, including for accounting purposes. Data is also retained to the extent necessary to fulfil other legal obligations or to establish, enforce or defend legal claims.

4.4 Marketing
Personal data may also be used for marketing purposes if the Customer has consented to such processing or based on a balancing of interests. 

4.5 Privacy Policy

For more detailed information on Biljett24's processing of personal data, such as purpose, exercise of Customer's rights, disclosure and transfer of personal data, see Biljett24's Privacy Policy.

5. Payment Terms:

5.1 Card Payment
Biljett24 accepts payments from the most common types of cards: VISA, MasterCard and American Express. All sensitive information is encrypted with banking standards without Biljett24 taking part of this information. For ticket purchases, money is deducted directly at the time of booking.

5.2 Payment via Swish
Biljett24 accepts payment via Swish. All sensitive information is encrypted with banking standards without Biljett24 taking part of this information.

5.3 Trustly Direct Payment
We accept payments with Trustly's netbank payment service via internet banking. All purchases are linked directly to the respective bank, via Trustly's secure server. All sensitive information is encrypted with banking standards without Biljett24 taking part of this information.

5.4 Invoice payment - pay after the event
For many events, Biljett24 offers the possibility to buy tickets and pay after the event. With this payment method, tickets and invoice are normally sent the same week as the event. The invoice must be paid within 14 days of receipt (at least 7 days after the event) to avoid reminder fees.

In the event that an event is moved to a later date, the purchase will automatically apply to the new date (see point 3.3 of these conditions). In the case of a rescheduled event, tickets and invoice will normally be sent approximately one week before the original date, payment time is 14 days after the tickets are sent from Biljett24.

The invoice is administered by Billmate, and in order to make a purchase using this payment method, a credit check is carried out at the time of purchase. Purchases are only allowed when the customer meets Billmate's current credit requirements. If there are more than two months to the event, a further credit check will be carried out before the tickets are delivered. Biljett24 reserves the right to cancel an order where the customer in the second credit check no longer meets the requirements for credit with Billmate. Neither of these credit checks will result in a charge to any credit institution or government agency. 

5.5 Cash on delivery (orders within Sweden only)
Payment by postal advance is only possible for certain events and if, at the time of booking, there are 15 working days or more remaining until the date of the event. The cost of a postal advance is SEK 149 per delivery and includes insured mail (REK). The turnaround time (time to collect the consignment before it arrives at the post office) is reduced to five working days unless otherwise agreed in writing between Biljett24 and the customer. All orders against cash on delivery are binding purchases and Biljett24 reserves the right to charge the customer on the total amount of the order for tickets not collected.

5.6 Payment via Bank-Giro
For some events and if there are enough days before the start of the event, it is possible to pay by Bank-Giro. Always quote the order number when paying. Tickets will be sent after we have received your payment. All purchases by Bank-Giro are binding. Upon confirmation of the purchase, a contract is concluded between Biljett24 and the customer. However, Biljett24 reserves the right to cancel orders that have not been paid for within three working days of ordering.

6. Delivery 

6.1 PostNord REK (registered mail)
Delivery is by registered mail (REK) unless otherwise specified. All consignments are insured and are only delivered on presentation of identification. Tickets are normally delivered to the customer within 1-2 weeks after ordering. However, for events that are far in advance, delivery may be delayed further; Biljett24 is responsible for ensuring that all tickets are delivered in good time before the event. If the event is less than 72 hours away at the time of ordering, Biljett24 reserves the right to make delivery by other means to ensure that the customer receives their tickets safely and on time. The cost for delivery by post is 89 SEK.

6.2 Delivery by FedEx / EMS
For urgent orders where the customer resides outside Sweden, we are able to offer express delivery with FedEx 1-day Express or EMS International 2-day Express. Price varies depending on destination and is specified at the time of purchase.

6.3 PDF-ticket
For selected events, we can offer delivery by e-mail. In the case of delivery by e-mail, the ticket will be e-mailed in PDF form to the same e-mail address as the customer provided at the time of purchase in accordance with the information provided at the time of ordering.

6.4 Delivery with Mobile / E-ticket (MobileID)
Tickets delivered to mobile app. Instructions on which app is required and how to proceed will be sent by email. The ticket is scanned at the entrance using your mobile phone, iOS (iPhone) or Android required. When purchasing tickets at Avicii Arena and Tele2 Arena, you are required to create an account on AXS and in Stockholm-Live the first time you use the app. You must register the same email address as you registered when you purchased from Biljett24.se. If you have entered the wrong email address, you must contact customer service at info@biljett24.se. Tickets are normally delivered to the app at least 14 days before the event. For tickets purchased with less than 14 days to go before the event, delivery is normally within 48 hours. You are always guaranteed that the tickets will be transferred to your account before the event takes place.