Justin Bieber - Stockholm

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Tickets for Justin Bieber 15 March 2023 at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

OBS! The age limit at the Ståplats and Golden Circle is 13 years. No age limit for grandstand seating, the organiser recommends that parents of children under 13 also purchase tickets and accompany them to the concert.

More about the arena and categorisation. 

Tele2 Arena is one of Sweden's most modern stadiums and was opened in July 2013. The arena is used all year round and events can be held with the roof open or closed. It is the home ground of Hammarby IF and Djurgårdens IF in the Swedish Football League.

This is a large multi-arena and for concerts the closest sections are estimated to be located about 20-30 metres from the stage while the sections furthest from the stage have a distance of about 120-135 metres. The advantages of an arena of this size are the large crowds and the magical atmosphere that often results from accommodating so many visitors. It is estimated that the Tele2 Arena can accommodate up to around 40,000 visitors for concerts.

Biljett24's general categorisation for seats at Tele2 arena is assessed as follows:

Seat Category 1
Seats on the lower floor of the long side. The distance difference between different sections and the stage within this category is estimated to be between about 30-80 meters depending on the section. In the sections closest to the stage, the angle to screens etc. can be perceived to be narrow, this should be seen in relation to the fact that the seats further away from the stage instead have a longer distance, but where the visibility to the screens is better. Looking at the location of the sections compared to other locations in the arena, we make an overall assessment where we believe that the locations within this category are within the best sections of the Tele2 arena.

Seat Category 2
Seats on the upper floor of the long side, the lower floor of the short side and seats on the lower floor of the long side with a side view near the stage.

Seats located on the upper floor of the long side of the arena convey a holistic feeling with a view of the entire arena, the view to the screens is determined by the proximity to the stage, the further away from the stage the better the view to the screens and vice versa.

Seats located on the lower floor of the short side opposite the stage give a full view of the stage from a longer distance, the view towards the screens is unobstructed and a good overview of the arena is also perceived from here.

Seats with a side view are located very close to the stage in relation to other seats in the arena. The proximity is often perceived as very positive and the view to the stage is unobstructed while the view to the screens may be limited.

Seat Category 3
Seats located on the upper floor, on the short side opposite the stage and in the curves on the same side as the stage.

Seats on the upper floor opposite the stage are a long way from the stage but have a good view of the arena.

Seats in the curve on the same side as the stage are, relative to other seats in the category, very close to the stage. When seats are sold here, the stage is open and you have a full view of the show apart from the screens facing the sea of spectators. Many people appreciate these seats because of the proximity, but also because they get to experience the standing room crowd from the front.

We are well aware that different customers have unique preferences and if you have specific wishes regarding the location of Tele2 Arena, please contact us before your purchase. You can also leave your wishes with your order, in which case these wishes will be fulfilled subject to availability. If no requests are made, you will be placed somewhere within your chosen category.