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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Tour

British rock gods Iron Maiden are returning to Europe for a heavyweight group of concerts through 2022, including a series of performances in the UK, northern Europe and Scandinavia. The European dates will form the latest leg of the band's Legacy of the Beast Tour, which has been ongoing since 2018!

Rock greats

Iron Maiden's legacy dates to 1975, when the East London band was first formed. Despite various changes of line up and occasional rifts, the rock group have produced a total of 40 albums, including 16 unique studio productions, and have earned critical praise for their legendary concert performances and high octane shows.

The band's growth through the late 1970s and early 1980s saw many acclaimed releases including number one smash album The Number of the Beast" and "Run to the Hills", a huge hit worldwide. A tumultuous decade followed, with experimental releases and various changes to the band personnel before the return of iconic front man Bruce Dickinson and lead guitarist Adrian Smith in 1999.

Rocking the new millennium

The band got back on track and released some of their most popular and successful work in the 21st century, earning an Ivor Novello achievement award in 2002. "The Final Frontier", a 2010 album, hit the top spot in no fewer than 28 countries, earning the group its most consistent success to date.

Five years later "The Book of Souls", the band's sixteenth studio release, also topped the charts in 24 countries, cementing their place among rock's greatest acts. By the start of the Legacy of the Beast Tour, the band's album sales had surpassed the 100 million mark, a remarkable feat when considering that rock music had generally fallen by the wayside from most commercial radio and television playlists.

The band has experienced plenty of headlines due to its use of imagery, with religious groups in the United States often berating the band as Satanic or associating their music and fans with devil worship - it's safe to say that a little controversy has done the group and their sales no harm!

Touring greats

The band has now reportedly passed the 2,000 live concert mark, an enduring legacy cemented by legendary performances at many of Europe and North America's most iconic rock festivals. They have been a constant presence on the road and have earned a true place in the pantheon of touring greats for their inspired set design and anthemic playlists.

Their latest tour has earned rave reviews, thanks to an eclectic playlist taken from over four decades of rock anthems and heavy metal classics - the band's main show focuses on the biggest hits of the 1980s mixed with a number of heavyweight tracks from their later albums.

Tickets to Iron Maiden Ullevi

Their return to Europe in 2021 is highly anticipated, with tickets to Iron Maiden shows expected to sell out quickly across the continent.

On July 22nd 2022, the rock legends will descend on Gothenburg and the iconic 1958 World Cup venue. Iron Maiden's Ullevi Stadium date is their only tour stop in Scandinavia, meaning that tickets will be highly sought after.

The chance to witness one of the world's biggest and loudest rock bands is not to be missed. Ullevi Stadium can hold upwards of 70,000 fans for major concerts, and this is set to be no exception. The band last performed in Sweden in the summer of 2018, and Iron Maiden's Gothenburg fans are sure to give them a rousing reception on their return.