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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you sell tickets to an event that is already sold out?
Biljett24 is a ticket agent. Our staff buys, trade and sells tickets, which are already on the market. We buy from private individuals, companies and sponsors who for some reason cannot attend the event in question. Moreover, many people approach us to sell their unused tickets, which is safe, fast and easy.

How do you get hold of your tickets?
Thanks to our broad knowledge of the ticket market we acquire tickets in many different ways. By numerous reasons individuals or companies will sometimes not be able to attend the event in which they have tickets for. We buy such unused tickets and offer those on our webpage. For very attractive events our staff can also spend hours to queue at the box office, as a service for those who are unable to queue themselves.

How do I sell my tickets to you?
We offer a safe and smooth transaction for those who want to sell their tickets. All you have to do is sending an email to our customer support with information on events, times and exact locations we will get back to you. You can also give us a call or fill in our web-form for ticket resale.

If I order multiple tickets – will our party be seated together?
Yes. We try wherever possible to deliver tickets close to each other, unless the order is not specified that the tickets are single seats. In rare cases and for larger groups (more than four) tickets can be divided into packages of two, three or four tickets. We guarantee that no one in your party will be seated alone. Please contact our customer service if you have questions or special requests.

What is single / single seat?
This means that seats in the category is single seats and will not be seated together with other in the same party. That is, if you buy several tickets that are labeled "single", seats will not be adjacent. Single seats are therefor often significantly cheaper than originally seats.

Why can’t I see the allocation I will get at the time of order?
Biljett24 applies optimized seating allocation, which means that we allocate seats after purchase so that we can ensure that our customers are allocated together in every way possible, no matter if they bought 2 or more tickets. If you have special requests or want more information about the allocation, feel free to contact our customer service. You can then get a more accurate specification. By privacy and security reasons, we will not exact seat number.

Which tickets / seats are best for us?
We get many questions about which seats to choose for a particular venue or event. Our staff has many years of experience and knowledge of the most important venues in Sweden and will gladly help you to choose the best tickets for you. Please call our customer service whenever you need assistance.

Do you only offer tickets or can I buy the whole arrangement from you?
For most customers, we sell only tickets but more often we get inquiries about events for companies or groups of individuals. In these cases we arrange an evening where such travel, dining and nightclub visits may be included. Our customer service will be delighted to help you with such arrangements.

Can I choose to collect my tickets through ATG or at the venue’s box office?
No, Biljett24 have no cooperation with ATG or the venue’s ticket booths. However, on most events we have on-site staff that can deliver ordered tickets and be of assistance if you need any help on site. If you choose to have your tickets delivered at the venue, you will be informed of a meeting point adjacent to the stadium.

Why is there a different price on the ticket than I have paid to you?
Biljett24 a ticket agent who offer tickets that have already come onto the market, which means that they are already sold once. The price printed on the ticket is the face value which is the nominal price in which the ticket was sold by the organizer. At sold-out and popular events where the demand is greater than supply market prices can often be higher than the face value. The price you pay to Biljett24 depends on our acquirement price and the work required to locate and buy such hard-to-get tickets. More information about Biljett24 you will find in our about us page.

Why is there a different name printed on the ticket I bought from you?
When tickets have already been sold once, the name printed on the ticket is usually the name of the person or company that bought the ticket from the organizer in first place. These tickets are not personal so it has does not affect your admission.

When will I receive my tickets?
We will send them as soon as possible. The organizer sometimes print tickets close to the day of the event, which mean that the waiting time can be long if you acted well in advance. We also want to ensure that you get the best tickets based on your preferences and we always guarantee that you will get hold of your tickets well in advance to the event.

Is it safe to tickets that you sell are authentic?
Yes. We are so confident that we offer the best warranty on the market: double your money back, then 200 percent of the price you paid to us, if you in the highly unlikely case are not getting admission to an event due to fake tickets. We have delivered over 100 000 tickets through the years and it has never happened that the fake ticket slipped through our strict controls.

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